So, Here we are! The 18th of September, almost 6 months from the start of the Quancy journey, and we are ready and proud to Soft Launch the Quancy Challenger Bank in Singapore!

It has been a long and interesting journey since Quancy started in January, 2019. It is a more interesting journey ahead!

Quancy team has prepared all the basic features for Soft-Launch: You will be able to download the Quancy App from your mobile store (or update if you have it). Submit data and documents for verification and receive your very own personal Virtual and Physical cards. Physical cards will be delivered to you by post. The Soft Launch features also include instant transfers and the Quancy Rewards Program.

The Quancy Soft Launch will last for about 4 weeks before the Go-Live. If you have any enquiries, suggestions or issues, please submit them to Quancy Support in the Mobile App, via e-mail or in the Quancy Telegram Chat.